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Sustainability & Resilience Training: Easy, Fun and Informative

The Sustainability Learner is a user friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that distributes sustainability and resilience education to staff on-boarding as well as serving as a continuous education refresher that is capable of being customized for your organization’s brand and corporate social responsibility goals. Key LMS features will include:

Key LMS Features


Employees can be authenticated either with username/password or Federated Single Sign-on (SSO).

Tracking And Reporting For Compliance

Progress and completion is tracked and reponed Administrators can review pregenerated reports or create custom reports.

Email Notifications

Trainees are notified by email when training is initiated, when new lessons are released and when lessons are past due.


Administrators can provision trainees including adding new hires, updating trainee records, and deleting employees no longer with the organization.


The Sustainability Learner program is flexible to meet each client’s needs. Customizations include: training curricula, lesson schedule, lesson release order and time, and customization of text.

Report Export

Reports can be viewed online or exported as a CSV file.

About The Company

Company Profile

Fayda Digital SC is a privately held company that provides online, Flash-based Sustainability awareness training to medium and large business, and to the government.

Our Commitment

Fayda Digital SC maintains the commitment to achieve the triple bottom line — people, planet and profits.

Our Vision

Our company is committed to one vision: creating effective, innovative sustainability and resilience awareness training that reduces our clients risk of adversely affecting the world we live in.

Our singular focus on sustainability and resilience awareness training is what differentiates us. We are certified sustainability professionals who work with the experts in instructional design, multimedia and interactive design to create truly effective training.

Our Training & Learning Programs

Sustainability Learner LMS has 2 sustainability and resilience training programs designed to meet your employees training and learning needs.

Sustainability & Resilience Essencial Trainer

This program trains employees about 4 essential sustainability topics quickly and effectively. The lessons include:

  • Introduction to Sustainability & Resilience

  • What is GreeningATL?

  • Natural Resource Conservation

  • Subcultural Change